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Bangkok University Center of Research in Optoelectronics, Communications and Control Systems

The Bangkok University Center of Research in Optoelectronics, Communications and Control Systems (BU-CROCCS) was founded in February 2012 as a unit to carry out both fundamental and applied research work in diverse areas of photonics, optoelectronic devices, optoelectronics, and communication and control systems. Involving several members of Bangkok University and external collaborators, the center utilises the concept of shared facility and expertise within the unit and between affiliates. The center is also intended to serve as an academic and technology hub for a regional, and possibly global, network between different research institutions and industrial firms working in the fields of interest.
Locally, one of the main goals is to attract Bangkok University’s young faculty members and students to get involved in an international research environment. Such engagement will help enhancing their professional career, and creates additional driving forces for the on-going research work at the university. Towards achieving this goal, the center provides for technical and academic short courses and workshops. The center is multicultural, welcoming postgraduate students and interns from various countries and backgrounds. For postgraduate students, the center aims to provide for opportunities to carry out part of their research work at partner institutes abroad.
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    • Keynote Address by Dr. Karel Sterckx

    • Arduino training at BU-CROCCS

    • Completion of masters defense

    • Exhibit "Journey of BITs" opened at National Science Museum

    • BU-CROCCS first cultural field trip


  • Smart museum using VLC

  • Digital makeup project