BU-CROCCS Open courses:

Introduction to Optics

The course focuses on explaining the basics and fundamentals of optics and its applications. The course will deal the scalar approximation of light and will not cover polarization effect. The main topics covered in this course are: * Light and colors * Light propagation (Fresnel and Fraunhofer). * Fourier optics * Diffraction * Interference. The course is divided in two parts: lectures and lab work. In the lecture part, the theoretical fundamentals of each of the topics will be covered. In the lab part, a relevant experiment will be performed and evaluated.

Lecture 1Introduction to opticsNotesStream
Lecture 2Light propagation: wave opticsNotesStream
Lecture 3Fourier opticsNotesStream
Lecture 4DiffractionNotesStream
Lecture 5InterferenceNotesStream


Dr Waleed Mohammed

Faculty member