BU-CROCCS Open courses:

Data Structure and Algorithm

Data Structures are structures to store data programmatically so that data can be used efficiently. Various types of data structures are implemented in most enterprise applications. Therefore, understanding of data structures and algorithms is needed to understand and analysis the complexity of enterprise applications.

Lecture 1Algorithm EfficiencyNotesStream
Lecture 2RecursionNotesStream
Lecture 3Linear ListNotesStream
Lecture 4StackNotesStream
Lecture 5QueueNotesStream
Lecture 6-7Tree and Binary TreeNotesStream
Lecture 8Search TreeNotesStream
Lecture 9Multiway TreeNotesStream
Lecture 10GraphNotesStream
Lecture 11SearchingNotesStream
Lecture 12SortingNotesStream


Dr Chakkaphong Suthaputchakun

Director Graduate Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering