BU-CROCCS Open courses:

Modeling of Optical Systems

The course focuses on the basic numerical modeling techniques commonly used in modeling most of the micro/nano optical systems. By the end of the course, the students should have a solid knowledge in modeling, a skill that is essential in almost every aspect of engineering and science. Although the course focuses on modeling optical systems, it can be extended to other areas of interest. The course will cover the following topics: - Introduction to guidance and the concept of modes. - Rectangular and circular waveguides. - Finite-difference mode solving - Semi-analytical methods: Scattering matrix - Finite-difference beam propagation.

Lecture 1Introduction to modelingNotesStream
Lecture 2Introduction to MatlabNotesStream
Lecture 3Analytical method (Slab waveguide)NotesStream
Lecture 4Semi analytical method (Scattering matrix)NotesStream
Lecture 5Finite difference methodNotesStream
Lecture 6Finite difference beam propagationNotesStream


Dr Waleed Mohammed

Faculty member