BU-CROCCS Open courses:

Optical Networks

The course provides an introduction to optical networks, with the emphasis on networking aspects. The discussion starts with optical devices that serve as building blocks of optical networks. Then, wavelength-routed optical networks and associated technical problems, including several optimization and algorithmic problems, are considered. Next is the discussion on the problem of efficient traffic multiplexing in optical metropolitan networks. Finally, optical access networks together with multiple access problems are considered.

Lecture -TextbookNotesStream
Lecture -Practice exercisesNotesStream
Lecture A1Using Python+PuLP+GLPKNotesStream
Lecture 1Introduction & outlineNotesStream
Lecture 2Optical fibers & optical couplersNotesStream
Lecture 3Filters, amplifiers & transmittersNotesStream
Lecture 4Receivers & optical switchesNotesStream
Lecture 5OOK optical transmissionsNotesStream
Lecture 6Transmission link budgetsNotesStream
Lecture 7Basics of graph theoryNotesStream
Lecture 8Static routing and wavelength assignmentNotesStream
Lecture 9Background of ILPNotesStream
Lecture 10Heuristics for RWA & failure recoveryNotesStream
Lecture 11ILP for protection & dynamic RWANotesStream
Lecture 12Heuristics for dynamic RWANotesStream
Lecture 13Traffic grooming in WDM networksNotesStream
Lecture 14Traffic grooming in WDM networks (continued)NotesStream
Lecture 15Topologies for passive optical networksNotesStream
Lecture 16Downstream resource allocation for PONsNotesStream
Lecture 17Upstream resource allocation for PONsNotesStream
Lecture 18Review of Poisson processesNotesStream
Lecture 19Aloha-based MAC for broadcast PONsNotesStream
Lecture 20Reservation-based MAC for broadcast PONsNotesStream
Lecture 21Futuristic vision of optical networksNotesStream


Dr. Poompat Saengudomlert

Faculty member / Assoc. Prof.