Internship Program at BU-CROCCS and BU-MIT

On-line Application

IMPORTANT: Fill out ALL information completely and correctly. Write in 'Sentence case' and NOT in 'UPPER CASE'.
Note that the information provided will be used for legal purposes. If not all information and documents can be provided, do NOT yet submit.
Since the issue of the invitation letter and the issue of a visa takes time, applicants are advised to apply well in advance. Our recommendation is at least three months in advance.

Student's information

Full Name as it appears on the passport
Passport Number
Name of Home University
Degree Currently Pursued
Email Address
Projected Date of Arrival
Anticipated Duration of Stay in Months
Targeted Research Center:
General Research Area of Interest:

Before entering the following information, applicants should explore the research pages of the BU-CROCCS and BU-MIT websites. The proposed research work should relate to ongoing research. Alternatively, students can select to execute one of the projects proposed by the center.

Short Statement of Proposed Research Work
Include a rationale of why this work was chosen. Do NOT enter any other information. Answer concise, in a business-like manner.
Please avoid using quotation marks (such as " and ' ) as they will yield an error.

Home university contact person

Fill in the information of the contact person, who is either a faculty member or administrative staff, at your home university. It is important to note that official communication between your home university and BU-ITU will be done through this contact, and NOT through the applicant. An invitation letter, as well as other necessary documents, will be posted to the contact person
Full name and title (Prof/Dr/Ms/Mr) of the contact person
Email address of the contact person
Postal address of the contact person

Documents required for issuing the invitation letter

IMPORTANT: Foreign nationals need to obtain a non-immigrant ED visa from the Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate in their home country. One of the documents required for the application of such visa is an invitation letter from the host institute, i.e. Bangkok University. To request for such invitation letter, the following documents need to be uploaded in a single PDF file and in the order specified.
1. Scan of the first page of the passport (= page with the photograph). Do NOT include any other pages.
2. Copy of a recent resume. Please include relevant information only. Also, since we need to submit printed copies,
do not use fancy formats with colorful background as they waste ink unnecessarily. A simple white page with
black letters is preferred.
3. Scan of the official, certified transcript (i.e. study results) of all courses, undertaken so far, in the degree currently pursued. In case the applicant is enrolled in a research-based program in which there is no course work, a program enrollment form should be submitted instead.
The size of the file submitted should not exceed 5 MB

Attach a square shaped photograph of size no more than 100 kB.

Address of the Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate where the visa application will be submitted
Please avoid using quotation marks (such as " and ' ) as they will yield an error.