Optics courses and modules

The course focuses on the basic numerical modeling techniques commonly used in modeling most of the micro/nano optical systems. The course will cover the following topics: - Introduction to guidance and the concept of modes. - Rectangular and circular waveguides. - Finite-difference mode solving - Semi-analytical methods:  Scattering matrix - Finite-difference beam propagation. - Monte Carlo Simulations

The course focuses on explaining the basics and fundamentals of optics and its applications. The course will deal the scalar approximation of light and will not cover polarization effect. The main topics covered in this course are: * Light and colors * Light propagation (Fresnel and Fraunhofer). * Fourier optics Diffraction * Interference.

Introduction to some basics concepts of light, light propagation and light matter interaction. The course is mostly based on Feynmann lecture on physics, volume I. We focused on the materials related to optics and electromagnetics.