Internship program at Bangkok University Innovative Technologies Unit (BU-ITU)

Graphical Summery of the internship program


BU-ITU welcomes qualified undergraduate and graduate internship students, both Thai and international, to execute projects that are part of the center’s ongoing research. The center is able to receive students throughout the year. The applicant must be motivated, self-disciplined and possess proficiency to communicate and write technical reports in English.
The internship program does not provide financial support. However, the center assists in arranging affordable accommodation prior to arrival in Thailand, and does not charge any tuition fee. Guidelines to take an affordable taxi ride from the airport at the start the internship are also provided. Students applying to the program are required to fill out the online application form and upload the required documents in a single PDF file as mentioned. Please refer to the important practicalities section for more information regarding visa issuing.

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Bangkok University has two campuses, namely

BU-ITU is located at the sixth floor of the School of Engineering and this school is based at Rangsit campus. The distance between the two campuses is about 50 km.

Opposite the Rangsit campus, and within walking distance, is accommodation for rent. This accommodation is basic though clean. Depending on availability, students can choose one of the following (prices in June 2015):

  1. Non air-conditioned room (also no fan): 3,000 Baht/month rental and 11,000 Baht deposit
  2. Air-conditioned room: 3,800 Baht/month rental and 13,600 Baht deposit
  3. Air-conditioned room with fridge and CRT TV: 4,800 Baht/month rental and 18,600 Baht deposit
  4. Air-conditioned room with fridge, LED TV and shower heater: 5,000 Baht/month rental and 20,000 Baht deposit
  5. Air-conditioned room with fridge, LED TV, shower heater and microwave: 5,500 Baht/month rental and 21,000 Baht deposit
Minimum period of stay is 2 months, and at the start of the contract 2 month’s rent + deposit need to be paid. Charge for amenities, in each of the options above, is as follows: 200 Baht/month for water and 5 Baht/kWh for electricity.
Each room consists of two single beds. Hence, the rooms may be occupied by one or two persons. The beds have mattresses only. Therefore, interns need to bring their own pillow and bed sheets, or purchase these locally .
Deposits will be returned at the end of the stay, on the condition that there are no damages caused by the occupant(s).
A basic swimming pool and basic gym/fitness facilities are available. Their combined usage is charged at 40 Baht per day.
A convenient store, hair dressers and laundry service are available within walking distance.

There are public air-conditioned busses (No. 29 and 510) that stop in front of the university and the accommodation, and pass the nearest Bangkok sky train and underground station (Mochit and Chatuchak, respectively). The distance is about 30 km, and the fare is 20-25 Baht. A taxi ride is about 200 Baht. If one decides to take the toll way, a fare of 100 Baht needs to be added. Hence, the buzzing Bangkok metropolis is not that far away, and easily accessible. A large shopping mall (Future Park Rangsit) is only 6 km away.

Important Practicalities

1. Visa

Students require a ‘Non-immigrant ED’ visa, which is issued by the Thai embassy, or a Thai consulate, in their country. A list of all Thai embassies, with links to their respective websites, is available at:
Contact the Thai embassy or consulate, whichever is nearest to your location, about the documents that are required to apply for the abovementioned visa. One of these documents is an invitation letter from the host institute (Bangkok University), which will be prepared by our International Office. To issue such invitation letter, Bangkok University requires clear copies of the following documents:

Students are requested to apply online and upload these documents in a single PDF file and in the order listed above. When converting documents to PDF, ensure that no commercial banners are included.

A free PDF conversion program that yields excellent quality without the inclusion of commercials is cute PDF writer. The software can be downloaded at:
To edit and/or merge PDF documents, PDF Buddy can be used. This tool is available at:

The Thai embassy issues a visa for a period of 3 months, starting at the day of entering Thailand. If students stay beyond three months, they need to obtain an extension at the immigration office in Pathum Thani. The maximum period of extension is one year at a time, and a fee of 1,900 Baht needs to be paid. Bangkok University will provide for the necessary documents as well as directions to the immigration office.

2. Airport Transportation

Bangkok University does NOT provide for transportation from and to the airport at the beginning and end of the internship, respectively. Instead, accepted interns will be provided with instructions about how to take a taxi in a safe and economic manner. From Suvarnabhumi airport to the Rangsit campus, the total cost will be about 500 Baht and a one hour’s drive. From Don Mueang airport to the Rangsit campus the total cost will be around 150 Baht and a 30 minutes’ drive. The interns will also receive a note with instructions for the taxi driver (in Thai and English) about where to send the interns. When booking a flight, please beware that regular office hours at BU-CROCCS are 09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday. If you arrive outside these hours, no one may be there to bring you to your accommodation. As such, please arrange for your flight to arrive on a weekday and not during the weekend. Moreover, try not to arrive later than 13:00. Note that passing through immigration, collecting baggage and driving to the campus takes time.

3. WiFi, Mobile Phone SIM Card and 3G/4G Wireless Internet Access

Students will be provided with a username and changeable password to gain access to the WiFi network of Bangkok University. Access is possible at both campuses. Thailand has one of the lowest prices for mobile phone service and internet access. Upon arrival at BU-CROCCS, students will be informed about the latest promotions for SIM cards and monthly Internet packages, and where to purchase them.

4. Travel Insurance

Bangkok University has well-equipped clinics on campus which, in case of common illness, students can visit free of charge. For more serious cases, Thammasat University Hospital (governmental) and Rangsit General Hospital (private) are close to the Rangsit campus, and Sukhumvit Hospital (private) is close to the City campus. However, these hospitals are NOT free of charge. As such, students are strongly advised to take out a travel insurance that covers the period of their stay.

5. Dress code

We expect interns to respect local customs and sense of dress. Revealing clothing is regarded as impolite, not showing respect. In a workplace, Thais regard the following as polite: