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Dr Karel Sterckx

Director, BUCROCCS


Dr. Karel Sterckx is a Belgian national. In 1986, he received a Master of Applied Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Katholieke Industriële Hogeschool der Kempen, currently part of Catholic University Leuven (Belgium). In 1997, he obtained a Master of Science in Optoelectronics and Communications Systems from Northumbria University (UK) and, in 2000, a PhD from Swansea University (UK) for work on infrared wireless communication links. He has experience as a practicing engineer in the Belgian audiovisual industry, and has been lecturing at governmental and private universities in Thailand since 1993. He has been a resident of Thailand for almost 20 years and joined Bangkok University in 2010 as Research Scholar. At present, he is the director of the Bangkok University Center of Research in Optoelectronics, Communications and Control Systems (BU-CROCCS). His research efforts concentrate on Software Defined Communication Systems as well as broadband indoor Optical Wireless Communication.

Research areas

Optoelectronics, Software defined radio/communications,

Publications with BU-CROCCS

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